Viasat Contract Agreement

Make sure you want the service and there is nothing else. I had the service for two months and it would give me .5megs for download when you expired. I gott on my cell and went with sprint for a WiFi laptop and went up to 4megs ave. I spent $320 to buy my two-year contract. Service also went a lot and for service in the area. Then there are a lot of different problems. Speed up its slower than the offer, Internet falls and does not work. Another problem is that they run the installation first as Directv and EXEDE promise that you can use the same Antena (Dish) for Directv and Exede so they can launch the contract. However, it is not possible to use the same court for both services. In addition, my community does not allow a second court. I call EXEDE the same day DIRECTV give me the statement of a court per service and Exede does not care and they will charge me a 2 year contract if I want to cancel the service. They accept you on a 2-year contract and they send a technician to do the installation.

The worst service anyone!! PLEASE DON`T GO THROUGH THE ORDEAL. We now have Viastat in March of 17. The first month was ok, then no Internet, very sporadic, reset the modem, would work for a while. CUSTOMER SERVICE was a joke every time (didn`t count, but at leasing 20 times) we called it to sell us plus an increased data package. They said the equipment was correct, they could see it and everything was working fine. We called the day our time was reset, and they were still trying to say it was because our data package was the lowest. Let me say that this has nothing to do with speed (at this point) we could not connect 85% of the time, they REFUSED several times to send a technology. Finally, in DECEMBER (9 months later). We spoke to a customer representative who agreed to develop a technology.

The technology came up and found that the modem was bad. On its service bulletin, it read: „Please recommend customer equipment, do not roll on this call.“ The service worked well for a few months. Then the speed became a download speed problem from 0.25 MBPS (the fastest) to 0.08 MBPS download was actually faster 1.20 MBPS (faster) to 0.32 MBPS. I memod the Techs phone number, he said everything went well. He said it might be the router, so I bought a new router, no change. It came tested modem and router they were tested. He changed his modem and he used his router and computer hardware, which were still very slowly tested on the Internet. He called Viastat, they wouldn`t talk to him, their service man) about it without a work assignment.

We called and after an hour-of-the-hour conversation, we cancelled the service. The client`s representative would not send technology or provide a mission, would not let us speak to a superior. Trying to sell us the biggest package of data, explained that was the problem. That`s all they`re trying to sell you a more expensive package. They are not a customer service, they are selling and not maintenance on the customer, PERIOD!! Then you have to return the equipment, which meant climbing on my steep roof to get the final part of the satellite. They send you a box for equipment, inside is a note that says we want you to come back, try to correct what is wrong or do for what we did wrong mention the code OF RETOUR. So I called, you wanted me to sign a two-year contract, if I did, would they give me a month off that they still wouldn`t send, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? They really wanted me to sign a new 2-year contract, and pay the REMAINDER OF THIS CONTRACT, but they would give me a month off, I climbed on the roof, I got the Tria (satellite end), the modem, the power cable and put them in the box.